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 Could You be saving £’s on Energy Bills by Switching Suppliers?

could you be saving up to £300 on energy bills by switching utility suppliers?

Wheels for Wellbeing have joined forces with utilities comparison site Utility Aid to help you save money ahead of winter!  With a recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report finding that most customers of the Six Large Energy Firms would make a considerable saving from switching and Ofgem taking action to help the 2/3 of households who are “paying over the odds on their energy bills”, now is the time to switch!


“Ofgem has published a separate consultation today on the CMA’s proposals to remove parts of its Retail Market Reforms so consumers can enjoy a wider choice of innovative good value deals. Ofgem has also consulted on its approach to the CMA’s recommendation to remove the requirement on price comparison websites to display all the tariffs on the market.

Combined with other changes already happening, such as smart meters and faster switching, these remedies provide an opportunity to transform the energy market. Ofgem will be continuing our Be An Energy Shopper marketing campaign this autumn encouraging consumers to save around £300 a year by shopping around.

Ofgem’s annual review of the retail energy market, also published today, confirmed that the majority of consumers who do not engage in the market are losing out. It also found that the proportion of people on expensive standard variable tariffs has dropped from 69% last year to 66% in March this year as switching rates increase.” (OfGem website)


So, for every switch made through our comparison website Wheels for Wellbeing get a small donation! So not only will you be saving money, you’ll be supporting us to bring cycling to more disabled and older people.

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