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Take part in our 5 minute inclusive cycling survey and help us to make the voice of disabled cyclists heard.

Are you a disabled cyclist, or have a health condition that affects your ability to cycle? Do you feel your voice as a disabled cyclist isn’t heard? Then take part in inclusive cycling survey we launched last week. 

The survey – possibly the first of its kind – will help us gather the views and experiences of disabled cyclists. 

Many people don’t realise that disabled people can (and do) cycle. But there are a number of barriers that continue to prevent more disabled people from taking up cycling. Some of them are: lack of fully inclusive cycling infrastructure, inadequate parking facilities and the fact that cycles are not recognised as mobility aids. Issues that Wheels for Wellbeing campaigns passionately on.

 This survey seeks the views of disabled cyclists and will help us better understand the issues you face. It will also shape the focus of our campaigns. The more data we collect, the more your voice will be heard – so please take part and share with any other disabled cyclists you know!

I would like to take part in the survey.