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Alix joined us last year for the first Easter Bunny Ride. This year she’s among those who signed up (very) early. She shared her experience and fundraising tips with us. 


What was the best moment of last year’s ride?

When we got to the destination and everyone lined up in their decorated bikes and outfits, including all the children who were really excited about an Easter egg hunt.


Why did you sign up this year?

To support all the excellent work done by Wheels for Wellbeing. We want to show that lots of different types of people with varying levels of cycling experience enjoyed last year’s ride


What fundraising tips can you share with other participants?

Do a cake sale! We just made lots of chocolate rice crispie cakes which went down well.


Where are you going to do you ride?

I’m undecided yet but maybe same as last year – London Fields to Hackney Downs where there is safe place for kids to play and lots of places to hide chocolate eggs…


Can you tell us a bit more about your cycling experience?

I’ve been cycling since I was 4 and in London since 1999. I’ve done long distance rides like Dunwich Dynamo and sponsored ride through Spain but nowadays I just pootle to the shops or cycle to work meetings, as well as for my work which is running the social enterprise CarryMe Bikes.


Thank you. 


Want to join the Easter Bunny Ride? You can still sign up. Find out more by emailing Alice@wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk or calling 0207 346 84 82.

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