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Alex, who took part in last year’s Easter bunny ride, has signed up this year too. Even though she’s not a very experienced cyclist, she’s very enthusiastic about the whole experience and having a chance to support disabled cyclists. Read a short Q&A with her and get inspired to hop on your wheels too.



What was the best moment of last year’s ride?

I really enjoyed cycling dressed as a bunny, the attention and positivity we received from passers-by was really encouraging and made the experience quite exciting. The costumes are an excellent way to draw attention to our group and the charity we are representing. It was also the first time I had used a Santander Cycle, they’re so convenient! 


Why did you sign up this year?

Not only is it a fun, healthy activity to do with your friends, it’s raising money for a really good cause. It was a no brainer really! 


What fundraising tips can you share with other participants?

Share all the amazing things Wheels for Wellbeing do with your friends and family, let them know how their support can truly affect a disabled person’s life and their ability to enjoy cycling! I would also emphasise the fact you’ll be dressed as a giant bunny in a busy central London park (or wherever you choose to ride!), I’m sure they’ll support you looking silly in public. My friends and family certainly would.


Where are you going to do you ride?

We did Hyde Park last year and we’re going to try Regent’s Park this time!


Can you tell us a bit more about your cycling experience?

Unfortunately I don’t cycle as much as I used! I cycled a lot at university and I really enjoy it. The Easter Bunny Ride is a great opportunity for me to get back on a bike and have a fun day out with my friends.



Alex on bike in bunny outfit

Alex doing her Easter bunny ride in Hyde Park in 2016