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07 November 2014



Dear TfL Board,


On behalf of the undersigned, I write to strongly support the proposals for segregated Cycle Superhighways East-West and North-South across London, as it will improve disabled and older people’s access to everyday travel and transport options across the city.


Disabled and older people can and do cycle – using wheels is easier than walking for many. Through the Cycling for All programme, thousands have already discovered the freedom of cycling in a calm environment with a trike, handcycle, tandem, side-by-side or other cycle adapted to suit their needs. But London streets poorly cater for all shapes and sizes and speeds of wheels and the different abilities of their riders. In 2012, TfL research found that 9% of disabled people said they used cycling for transport, this compared with 22% of non-disabled people.


These proposals promise to provide space for cycling suitable for all. We do have some comments about the detailed design including kerbs, segregation, the design of “floating” bus-stops and junctions, and Wheels for Wellbeing is keen to work with TfL as plans develop. In particular we must ensure that the Cycle Superhighways accommodate all types of cycles (trikes, handbikes, tandems, tag-alongs etc.), offer easy access on and off, and link seamlessly with other cycle routes and other modes of transport. This is particularly important for those for whom the cycle is also a mobility aid, who are not able to walk their cycle. With the right design, whether a Paralympian, a parent cycling their little ones to school or a cross-city hand-cycling commuter, everyone will to be able to cycle comfortably along these much safer proposed routes.


We are excited by the potential for the proposed Cycle Superhighways to open options for active travel and provide new freedom and independence for people of all ages, who cycle with or without impairments. We see ‘Crossrail for bikes’ as an important step towards London becoming the most inclusive cycling city in the world (where cycling is an easy, accessible option for disabled people and fully integrated with other modes of transport)!


Isabelle Clement

Director of Wheels for Wellbeing


Signed on behalf of: